28 luglio 2017

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Mongolian Hotel HS Khaan Resort


OurAirports is a free site where visitors can explore the world’s airports, read other people’s comments, and leave their own. The help pages have information to get you started. The site is dedicated to both passengers and pilots. You can create a map of the airports you’ve visited and share that map with friends. You can find the closest airports to you, and discover the ones that you haven’t visited yet. Behind the fun and features, OurAirports exists primarily as a public good. When Australia forced the US government to shut down public access to its Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF) service in 2006, there was no longer a good source of global aviation data. OurAirports started in 2007 primarily to fill that gap: we encourage members to create and maintain data records for airports around the world, and they manage over 40,000 of them. Many web sites, smartphone apps, and other services rely on OurAirport’s data, which is all in the Public Domain (no permission required).

Aviation Kiln

In flight: see the planes in the sky right now. To mark 100 years of passenger air travel, our stunning interactive uses live data from FlightStats to show every one of the thousands of commercial planes currently in the air, charts the history of aviation since 1914, and asks what comes next for the industry

Ship Map

You can see movements of the global merchant fleet over the course of 2012, overlaid on a bathymetric map. You can also see a few statistics such as a counter for emitted CO2 (in thousand tonnes) and maximum freight carried by represented vessels (varying units).
What can I do?
You can pan and zoom in the usual ways, and skip back and forward in time using the timeline at the bottom of the screen. The controls at the top right let you show and hide different map layers: port names, the background map, routes (a plot of all recorded vessel positions), and the animated ships view. There are also controls for filtering and colouring by vessel type.
What the are types of ships shown?
The merchant fleet is divided into five categories, each of which has a filter and a CO2 and freight counter for the hour shown on the clock. The ship types and units are as follows:
Container (e.g. manufactured goods): number of container slots equivalent to 20 feet (i.e. a 40-foot container takes two slots)
Dry bulk (e.g. coal, aggregates): combined weight of cargo, fuel, water, provisions, passengers and crew a vessel can carry, measured in thousand tonnes
Tanker (e.g. oil, chemicals): same as dry bulk
Gas bulk (e.g. liquified natural gas): capacity for gases, measured in cubic metres
Vehicles (e.g. cars): same as dry bulk
Why do ships sometimes appear to move across land?
In some cases this is because there are ships navigating via canals or rivers that aren’t visible on the map. Generally, though, this effect is an artefact of animating a ship between two recorded positions with missing data between, especially when the positions are separated by a narrow strip of land. We may develop the map to remove this effect in the future.
Why are there fewer ships visible in the first part of the year?
Unfortunately the data we are using for the map is incomplete for the first few months of the year: roughly January to April.
Who created this map?
The map was created by Kiln based on data from the UCL Energy Institute (UCL EI)
Website: Duncan Clark & Robin Houston from Kiln
Data: Julia Schaumeier & Tristan Smith from the UCL EI
Music: Bach Goldberg Variations played by Kimiko Ishizaka
How was the map created?
UCL EI took data showing location and speed of ships and cross-checked it with another database to get the vessel characteristics, such as engine type and hull measurements. With this information they were able to compute the CO2 emissions for each observed hour, following the approach laid out in the Third IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2014. Kiln took the resulting dataset and visualized it with WebGL on top of a specially created base map, which shows bathymetry (ocean depth), based on the GEBCO_2014 Grid (version 20150318), as well as continents and major rivers from Natural Earth.
Where did you get the data and who paid?
Our data sources for shipping positions are exactEarth for AIS data (location/speed) and Clarksons Research UK World Fleet Register (static vessel information). We are very grateful to our funders, the European Climate Foundation.

Freigther Travel

Secondo il diritto internazionale le navi da Cargo possono ospitare fino ad un massimo di 12 passeggeri se non è presente un medico a bordo. E’ necessario prima della partenza richiedere eventuali visti, certificati di vaccinazioni, etc. a seconda del Paese in cui si attracca o si scende e chiaramente un passaporto valido. È possibile impostare i viaggi di sola andata. Le compagnie che offrono questo tipo di servizio sono diverse, le rotte possibili in tutto il mondo sono tante e molto diverse tra loro. Queste alcune compagnie di navigazione che offrono questo servizio, a cui puoi rivolgerti per prenotare un viaggio.

Slowtravel è’ un sito che ha una sezione interamente dedicata a questo tipo di viaggi. Sono riportati, elencati per Paesi, tutti gli itinerari e i pacchetti disponibili presso le compagnie di navigazione più famose del mondo.

Grimaldi Lines – E’ una compagnia di navigazione che che offre servizio passeggeri su navi Ro/Ro e Co/Ro per diverse tratte commerciali nel mondo

The Internet Guide to Freighter Travel. Questo è un sito specificatamente creato intorno a questo tipo di viaggi, con informazioni utili, testimonianze, itinerati e prenotazioni.

Freightertravel è il sito di una coppia di NeoZelandesi appassionati del settore, che già nel 1993 fondò una società specializzata nella prenotazione di viaggi su navi da cargo

Freighter Cruises è un sito completo per viaggi e crociere in cargo. Trovi itinerari, informazioni, offerte, oltre ad una newsletter e alla possiblità di iscriverti ad un club esclusivo per avere sconti

A La Carte Freighter Travel è un sito che offre una serie di pacchetti per prenotare pacchetti di viaggio di durata variabile su navi commerciali in diverse parti del mondo.

Freighterexpeditions è il sito di un Tour Operator Australiano specializzato nell’organizzazione di viaggi e spedizioni su navi da cargo in tutti i mari del mondo.

Cargo Passenger Lines è il sito di un’agenzia costituita nel 2003 da Stuart Beckwith per promuovere le crociere su cargo e piccole navi passeggeri.

Tokyo Subway Route Map


Islands of The World

Garden Guide By Emmerik

A personal atlas of gardens – for now mostly European – I have visited or plan on visiting.
Joost Emmerik (1979) designs calm, robust outdoor spaces. Inspired by Danish landscapearchitect Sørensen, Joost is convinced that simplicity brings the best results. Joost combines clean lines, robust materials, luscious planting and the element of time into sensuous places that grow richer every year. Trained as an architect and urban designer at Technical University Delft in The Netherlands, he has worked as a designer of outdoor spaces since his graduation in 2004. Joost is visiting lecturer at Technical University Delft and member of the Talent Development Advisory Committee of the Creative Industries Fund.
Address | Pieter de Hoochweg 133 | 3024 BG Rotterdam | The Netherlands | +31(0)6 4128 7976 |